Congratulations to the following students who have been selected as a student presenter for Writers Week XXVII, which will take place from Feb. 1-5. We are so excited for you to share your writing and know how important all your voices are. The student presentations are always among the highlights of the week.

There will be a MANDATORY student meeting on Thursday, Jan. 14 at 1:15pm over Zoom. Here is the link you will use: 

Meeting ID: 934 9335 0851

Passcode: 19W#YCw$

If you do not attend the meeting, we will assume that you no longer have interest in reading at Writers Week and remove you from the program. If you are unable to meet at this time, you must contact both Mrs. Enk ( and Mr. Anderson ( as soon as possible to arrange another meeting.

Again, we are truly grateful for your willingness to share your work. This is a most generous gesture that we never take for granted. Thanks!

Aparanji Siya
Barretto Nathan
Behery David
Bhashyam Abhinav
Brandson Mila
Chandrasekaran Vishal
Chapa Ellie
Chatterjee Anika
Classon Gabe
Colucci Rosie
Dermyshi Emily
Derouin Emily
Dumbre Ojas
Elmore Allie
Erickson Luke
Ftikas Ekaterina
Gandhi Manas
Jayar Kausthub
Kao Emily
Katovich Samantha
Keith Megan
Kim Jayne
Kopec Iza
Krupp Marian
Labonar Hannah
Lee Arin
Lee Grace
Lin Amelia
Liu Yimi
Longo Maya
Mandal Debdutta
Marrero Isabella
Martinez Giuliana
Moghadam Jacqueline
Paskus Lily
Patankar Shruti
Pawlikowski Quincey
Platt Aria
Price Jillian
Ramachandra Prashanth
Ravela Manu
Russell Madison
Rutz Abbie
Sridhar Chaithu
Taraszka Caroline
Tarman Taylor
Tofilon Nate
Veeravalli Akash
VerSteegh Alexandra
Wang Kelly
Widholm Sophia
Zehra Yasha
Zheng Angelina
Zheng Joshua

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