Friends of Writers Week

Thank you so much to our Friends of Writers Week for their generous donations and helping to grow the educational experience of our students. If you are interested in becoming a Friend of Writers Week, PLEASE CLICK HERE!!

The Enk Family

Sandra Enk

Antonette Minniti

Sabra Gerber and Family

Courtney Billitier

Mrs. Sievers

Fremd Student Services Department

The Alexanian Family

Rukmini Girish

Rosemary Herringer

Eshwar Kishore

Chiranth Kishore

The Roy Family

Annie Victor

Christie O’Donnell

Marland and Ruth Berdick

Marilyn Berdick

Paul and Natalie Soto

Megan Dincher

Sarah Braverman and Family

The Anderson Family

Mike Bruce

Matthew Kim

Ashlyn Kim

Sra. Houchins

Megan Spletzer

Shirley A. Mertz

Laura Marsh

Gary Anderson

The Lenz Family

Martin Zacharia

Steve Cavalieri

Nick Mamula

Judy Klingner

Eric Schaefer

Cristina Nagel

Samantha Phillips

The Ogilvy Family

Bill Elsner

Tony Romano

Mr. and Mrs. George Carlson

W. Stuart and Jennifer Jones

The Dewans

Tom and Leslie Cornwell

Beth Dirkes

Aindrilla Dutta

The Palumbo Family

Grace Hsieh

Tim and Roxann Severance

Chet and Diane Zara

Eric, Amy and Gage Bachmann

The Murakami Family

The Downing Family

The Mok Family

The Rosenwinkel Family

The Azzarello Family