Writers Week began at William Fremd High School in 1995 when, for the first time, we featured students, faculty, and professional writers in Kolze Auditorium during lunch hours for a week in April. Since then, about a thousand Fremd students have taken the stage to share their writing. Faculty members from every department have related their stories through writing. Over the past twenty-three years, more than two hundred professional writers from around the world have visited the Fremd campus during Writers Week to help us better understand writing and authors. The Writers Week concept has now spread to other schools. Teachers from across the state and nation have visited our Writers Week and then launched “editions” of Writers Week at their own schools.

We hope that you enjoy and learn from Writers Week, but even more, we hope that you are inspired to pick up a pen, pencil, keyboard, or iPad and write your stories and ideas.

Q U E S T I O N S ?   C O M M E N T S ?   CONTACT US!

  • Russ Anderson – randerson@d211.org
  • Gina Enk – genk@d211.org



  1. I heard a live stream might be available. I want to allow my 8th graders the opportunity to watch Writers Week if that is the case. How do I find the website address for the live stream?


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